Wilderness Program at ITIURD Academy

ITIURD’s therapeutic process is grounded in the wilderness environment. As our students become adept at living and taking care of themselves in the outdoors, they begin to build the confidence and sense of capability that will sustain the learning and emotional growth process. Our caring and dedicated staff members support students as they explore core issues and develop new tools for a healthy and successful future. The challenges and rewards of outdoor living and group dynamics create opportunities for students to improve communication skills, accept more personal responsibility, build success and self-esteem, and establish positive and supportive relationships with others. Students use the landscape around them to explore their personal strengths and skills and address limiting


Our stunning field areas are nestled in the heart of the idyllic Green Mountains of central Vermont, and offer students a variety of educational and recreational activities which are designed to allow them to take full advantage of these scenic locales.

Students sleep in heated winter cabins at night while still maintaining a hiking-based, expedition model program. Students will complete a personal portfolio that will help them to stay connected to new skills and confidence as they transition to the next step. We work closely with families, schools, and referring professionals to support a successful transition process. Parents and families can expect professional guidance and support from our clinical team and will have the opportunity to complete weekly parent curriculum assignments. The parent curriculum offers parents insight into their child’s True North experience while allowing them to explore family dynamics. ITIURD wilderness program offers two-day intensive parent workshops designed to increase each family member’s awareness of family patterns and support positive growth within the whole family. Our masters and doctoral level therapists work together with field guides, students, and families to create individualized treatment plans.

Our field guides are chosen for their experience and their ability to be positive role models and all of them carry first aid, CPR and related therapeutic certifications.


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