Residential Treatment ITIURD

ITIURD was founded in 1998 and began by providing services to adjudicated youth in Utah. We quickly earned the respect of local families, communities and professionals. As ITIURD reputation has grown, its services have become more sought after, leading to an increased number of programs and services.


ITIURD currently operates 2 Residential Treatment Centers and community based outpatient services available to youth across the globe. ITIURD is located in Brigham City Utah, just few miles north of the Salt lake City International Airport. ITIURD Residential Treatment Centers specialize in treating Emotional Disturbance, Substance Dependence, Substance Abuse, Depression, Oppositional Defiance, Non Compliance and more. Our program duration is 6 -12 months or can be tailored on a case by case basis regarding long term treatment plan and/or educational plan. Each ITIURD program utilizes Positive Peer Culture in conjunction with a behavioral level system which consists of a total of four levels which must be completed in order to graduate the program successfully.


Our theoretical makeup is centered around evidence based therapy which is based on the cognitive behavioral treatment model that promotes a safe and very therapeutic program at all times in the least restrictive environment. Professionally licensed mental health professionals provide individual, family and group therapy sessions to each student while overseeing all therapeutic components of the program. All ITIURD staff are trained and certified in the Positive Control Systems Non Violent Crisis Intervention Program. It focuses on reliable and safe measures of behavior intervention that does not include aversive, excessive force procedures.

Academics are a primary focus here at ITIURD our school is a nonprofit organization.

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