Military Schools for Troubled Teens

The troubled teens military schools are specially designed for the struggling girls and boys ages 12 to 17. Young girls and boys are supported to acknowledge own ability, overcome their problems, learn ethics and techniques to survive in today’s society.


At military schools the staffs and professionals are inclined to provide healthy and family like atmosphere along with distinctive therapies wilderness therapies, educational programs, equine assisted therapies, verbal and non-verbal therapies. While going through treatment struggling youths perform several tasks like caring of animals, feeding them and several other chores which help them comprehensive development and distract them from other wrong activities. The provision to reside at the military schools is made along with the staffs. Various holistic / strong approaches are adopted in order bring positive transformation in their life.

Military schools for troubled teenagers includes diverse therapies that include Christian counselling, individual, group or family counselling to treat emotional and behavioural issues for complete growth. Teenagers are motivated to completely transform their life, build better relationship with family and friends. They are inspired and brought closer to the God. An inspiration is given to recognize their identity and take up responsibility.


At some christian based military schools main focus is made to understand own talent and work on it for own betterment. Emphasis is made on self growth, resolution of problems and to prepare them for future. Whole team of professionals at the school supports each and every youth and helpful them during their transformation of life.

Proven methods and techniques are applied for the development of each troubled student:-

• Sense of self development
• Motivation to work on own strength and weaknesses
• Inclination towards the God
• Help to build self respect and respect for others
• Confidence to take judgement and make decision
• Take up responsibility
• Self protection against the exploitation and assault
• Creates interest to participate in activities organized in church, school and family
• Builds interest in extracurricular activities

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Military boarding schools provide restorative transitional living programs which are specially developed for young girl age groups 17 to 24 years. The Military boarding schools are working with aim to provide proper care and aid in conjunction with therapeutic and also educational methods in a natural surrounding. Through special military programs they provide experiential hobbies that provide an established as well as creative route to explore treatment problems in a non-threatening manner as well as that help your troubled teenagers evolve in a variety of talents.

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