ITIURD parenting center

We all are familiar with the circumstances which our families have faced due to the change in time periods of generations. The educational facilities are not only given to the child it is also being provided by some institutions to the parents of teens. This parenting educational approach is provided to the parents to cure parenting styles and child parenting-centerabuse which mostly parents do when their young child enters the gate of teenage. ITIURD parenting center is one of the best educational support institutions, which provide parenting approach to many families.

The child abuse and neglect cases have reached high point in the society as compared to former times. The ITIURD parenting center was set up years ago. ITIURD parenting center offers variant learning and opportunities to get new skills in parenting methods.

Those parents who comes in parenting center is taught by the highly experienced volunteer or mentor who has his/her own expertise in respective field. This program is based on 20 days class cycle in which the parents attend the 2 hours class every day to learn and improve the skills of parenting. The parents who come by their own or by the referral of somebody or center2social sites are enrolled in this program easily to get knowledge about better parenting styles.

Mostly parent thinks that their child must have a safe and positive future but in regards to this context the parents equally have to get involve in their parenting and have to provide a better approach of their child academic and emotional life. The parenting center provide free classes and learning activities for the parents by which they create tools and knowledge about better parenting and safe their child future and their family bonding as well.


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