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Christian Boarding schools embrace a significant approach to ingrain Christianity and believe towards God. Being a religious based school it emphasizes to instill the ethics and value in the name of God. Experienced staffs work to provide excellence in Academics, affirm talents, build potential and instigate the honor towards the Jesus.  We are looking forward to improve the academics of teenagers with the provision of smart classrooms and enhanced curriculum. Improve talents and skills through Fine art classes like painting and sketching. Our sports professionals create interest in games like Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Baseball, Table-Tennis etc. ITIURD Christian Schools is affiliated with an exceptional institution which offers well recognized certification. The wide campus of 200 acres provides ample ground for sports and games. Christian Boarding Schools provides apt provision for complete growth of children. Overall development is the motto of ITIURD Christian Schools. Our Christian Boarding School includes classes like college preparatory and Pre-K-12. The co-education facility helps kids to blend well. And we are working with aim to provide constant growth in academics, sports and career. Christian help options for teenagers support teenage issues through religious approach. The moral values of Christianity defend teens to deviate from the correct path. We focus to instill religious discipline and by adopting New Testament based education with focus to transform troubled teens life.

Distinctive Christian Boarding School imparts treatments in diverse methods:-

  • Long Term Rehabilitation Centers
  • Short Term Rehabilitation Centers
  • Sunday School Programs
  • Summer School Programs
  • Youth camps
  • Boot Camps
  • Specialized Camps for boys
  • Specialized Camps for Girls
  • Addiction Treatment Programs

We at ITIURD are working with the aim to correct the misguided teens through religious beliefs. We transform the emotional, behavioral and physical issues thorough holistic approach. Our motto is to help parents and teenagers to live peaceful life free from addiction and other teenage issues. Christian Boarding Schools charges minimal monthly fees along with transportation cost and one time admission fees are affordable and we are looking forward to endow free education for low income group. We also provide study materials, science labs, computer labs thus emphasizing on overall growth of our students. Our experts provide a value driven education system and religious therapies to surpass the teenage issues. We firmly believe that a religious based education and therapy would grant a dazzling future our generation next.

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