Community parenting workshop is an activity which can help many parents in getting knowledge about various parenting styles that are really fruitful for their family and child. There are so many books available online for communityparents to get started with this adventures journey of parenting but a parent cannot get any ideas of better parenting by just reading a book online. Parents need to attend these kinds of workshops to get useful details about parenting approaches by which they can give better care to their child. One of the best workshops which give parents the better advice about parenting is ITIURD. This workshop of parenting will begins at 5 pm at ITIURD facility centers for troubled teens.

What are the basic fundamentals of this workshop?

This workshop helps parents to change their Child’s attitude, behavior and character in real life. Parents who attend this workshop can easily reduce the negativity of their child mind and change his/her overall behavior is a positive direction. This workshop is a five days activity in which parents will be guided in daily sessions by highly experienced mentors.

The workshop is based on the book of same title and it is formulated on the basis of books written by Dr. Mask Morine, a psychologist who is one of the best experience holders of all time and is one of the biggest sellers of community2books which he wrote on marriage and family issues.

This workshop is a six-week parenting workshop in which the parents will participate in the sessions of 60-90 minutes and each session will be facilitated on every Sunday in the end of the week because Sunday is a relaxing day for the parents and they can easily manage time for this workshop on Sundays.

The registration for this workshop can be done by parents online or they can just contact us by giving us call or giving us a mail at The parents can get the contact details from the website the deadline to register.

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