Your Child Is Stressed. Learn Why?

Changes in the life affect our body and mind in a variety of ways, the way they respond, is the state of stress. It’s not compulsory that stress is always negative side of the life.  Sometimes, little and sufficient amount stress plays the role of motivation factor for teens and they may perform better in the exam. But too much stress will affect them adversely in either of the way, mentally and/or physically problems will be created which may also affect their emotions. Teens have to face a number of relevant changes of their life like physical, emotional, academic, and social changes at the stage of puberty. These changes, along with them bring stress in the mind of teens. It is found in the study that 30% of teens undergo stress regular basis. After all what is the reason that these teens are so much stressed and what their parents need to do?

Reasons for the stress of teens
Your teen may be stressed because of relations within their friend circle. Teens generally get stressed due to pressure they are bearing to meet the expectations of their parents. They are often compared to their companions and brother/sister. And, if even after giving his 100%, the child could not meet those expectations he gets depressed, ill, aggressive, and frustrated. This situation is even worse time for them and catalyst to increase stress when they go in battle with themselves only by feeling that they are not good enough to make their parents proud, to go up to the expectations of everyone.

Along with these, some other reasons may be:
Some problems of the family. Parents are not concerned about their child, at not being so elderly age, when teens are having responsibilities of the family or when support of family lacks.

Teens are too delicate to handle the stress whether physically or mentally. Their health may get affected physically because stress, generally shown as increased heart rate, high B.P., tension, and depression. When a teen is stressed, he loses interest in everything, gets emotionally weak, sleeps less, get aggressive, or cut-off from society.
Indications of too much stress

When too much stress is affecting your teen, you will observe certain symptoms in him. You should know that If the day just before the exam or any other day which important for him, your teen says to you that he is having some illness like stomachache or anything else, then your teen is suffering from too much stress. Your teen may have any chronic problem because of stress.

You may report that behavior of your teen is changing; he is doing things which he never did such as shouting out at someone or beating someone. He may not even realize his mistake instead blames other for whatever wrong happens to him.

Your teen may start avoiding his presence when family is collected. Family get-togethers will be things which he will avoid the most. He is not eating or drinking healthy food properly and regularly. Things which were once their field of interest may be now uninteresting for them. They may start falling in their academic status and studies. They may start maintaining distances from all of their friends and cousins. They will not sleep properly because of which they are under stress.

Being a parent, you can help your teen if you keep yourself close to your child. You should know about their problems and all other stuff happening in their life by healthy communication. Your child needs to be admired for all good deeds he do, at times when he is upset try to make up his mood, take care that your teen doesn’t get burdened himself with extra activities and responsibilities. You   should teach them to handle their anger and develop self-control.

Some suggestions to cope-up with the stress are recommended by The American Academy of Child and Adolescent which will help teens to reduce stress on their own: Encourage them to have healthy diet and do regular exercise.They should avoid drugs, alcohol and smoking. Invest time in role play and be able to handle stressful situations.

To be happy not upset for result when they did their work with loyalty.
Be in company of friends who will help you develop good habits.

When teens perform these activities to make a good control over stress, it is good opportunity for parents to be with them throughout. For example, when they carry their exercise, you also go with them for exercising. This will help you to burn your excess calories and provides you to spend some time with your teen and you can have communication with them. You can teach your teen different ways to handle stressful situations. They may learn from you how to tackle people who are difficult to handle. Teach them to be satisfied and happy from whatever they achieve. Stop your teen from damaging their health by any activity. Make sure your teen is not running after achievements at the cost of his health. Make them understand that not always results matter, more important is that they tried their best to achieve something good. You need to search for the professional help when you think that stress of your child will harm him.

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