Child Emotional Development

The development of a child on personal, physical, and mental prospects depends upon the stages which he /she goes through in developing from infant to an adult. The Child should be given emotional support and encouragement in the key tasks which adds to his developmental stages, and parents are the one who should do this. It is considered that the child’s first teacher are their parents, and it’s their responsibility that they remain their best teacher throughout their life.

Parents teach their child to how to face challenges which come with their age, and make them developed enough to handle whatever situation comes in front of them. As a coach, they give them experiences which will teach them from their own situations that how to handle various situations. As observed by child experts, children are directed towards their goal of experimenting since their birth. And children learn from the experiences of these experiments. When a building is built, scaffolding is provided to give support to the structure at the time of building, so as to increase the strength and stability of the structure. Just like that, children need support from the parents at the time of their development so that after learning from experiences, they can stand on their own.

The child will become self-dependent then. And if you feel like your child is not ready yet to remove the scaffolding, then after some time remove your support gradually. The parents can gain here knowledge of how to provide their child with guidance, support, safety, and experiences for learning, so that they can develop well according to their outlines.

Being a parent is a difficult task which is a balance between emotions and rational attitude. You are not only a guide but also an example. Your strength and stability will definitely help your troubled teen to rebuild his life.

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